Yield Protocol

Yield Protocol

What is Yield Protocol?

Yield protocol is helping to ease the investment process and maximize profit from the investments. The tool is constantly looking for the best annual percentage yields (APY) available on the market, investing in that liquidity pool (LP), and maximizing the user's profit.
There is no need to learn how to search for the best farms available, manually swap tokens or provide liquidity on various Liquidity Platforms - Yield protocol was designed to make it in one click.

Why Yield Protocol?

Yield protocol makes investing in different pools safe, transparent, easy, and conveniently cheap.
The investment process is automated. There is no need to learn how to manually swap tokens, provide liquidity in Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, etc, or stake into farms. Our smart contracts will do that for you.
In yield protocol, each contract is individual and therefore protected from SPOF (Single point of failure). It also introduces a stop-loss functionality for yield farming - so you don’t have to worry about your funds while you sleep.
All the commands are running entirely through open-source contracts. Anyone at any point in time can review the contract’s source code and check any transaction - when and how much was invested, the fee charged, etc.
Cheap & Fast
Main investment functions are combined into one. Instead of making 5-7 transactions for investing, for example, in the Curve pool (exchange ETH for tokens, approve tokens, provide liquidity, approve LP tokens, invest into the vault, stake) you are doing just one.
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